Packing Services in Nashville, TN

Professional Packing and Crating in Nashville, TN & Surrounding Areas

If you have a move comping up, you will need the supplies, time, and organization that our professional packers offer to complete your packing in no time. Ted R Sanders Moving and Warehouse has the services you need for packing and unpacking to make your move easier for you.


Our movers provide packing materials such as durable and new boxes, packaging tape, markers, packing material, and more. Using new material is important to avoid any damage to your items that can happen if poorly packed. We have a variety of cartons available, dish pack, wardrobes, mirror or picture cartons, unprinted newspaper, roll of tape, thick paper pads, and more.


Keep your move organized with our moving and storage services. Our packers will label boxes with information such as the contents, your last name, and the room it belongs in. These can be numbered too to make it easier to make sure all your boxes arrive after the move-in. Boxes can even be color-coded to match them into certain rooms. For example, all orange lids can go to the living room, and the kitchen can be all blue-lid boxes.

Careful Packing

Our professional packers have been carefully trained to move your belongings safely and securely. If you have items such as antiques, fine art, and more, these objects can be custom crated to keep them safe. Our custom crating options can be planned during an estimate when our movers can come on-site to measure your belongings to get the dimensions for your crating.


After your move is completed, continue to enjoy the streamlined processes Ted R. Sanders Movers and Warehouse has to offer. After the move, our packers can unpack your belongings in an organized fashion, working room from room. We will pick up and dispose of all the debris as well such as the used boxes, packing material, and more.

Ted R. Sanders Moving and Warehouse has the packing services you need for your moving and storage services. Let us help you make your move a hassle-free moving experience with our services today.


Dish pack | $5.00

1.5 cubic ft carton | $1.25

3.1 cubic ft carton | $2.25

4.5 cubic ft carton | $2.80

6.1 cubic ft carton | $4.25

24′” wide wardrobe | $9.00

Mirror/Picture carton | $6.00

Unprinted newspaper/lb. | $1.00

Roll of tape | $1.50

Thick paper pads | $2.00

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